DeaLux One Bottle - 50% OFF! Thicker & Fuller Hair Treatment
DeaLux One Bottle - 50% OFF! Thicker & Fuller Hair Treatment
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Thicker & Fuller Hair Treatment

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The #1 Natural Hair Growth Serum Is Here!
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This is a natural serum formulated and manufactured in the USA, designed to safely and gently stimulate hair follicles, combat hair loss, and help regenerate lost hair. 

Users of The Serum often see:

  • Visibly improved hair growth and reduced hair loss
  • Hair regrowth and regenerated damaged hair
  • Improved hair density and thickness
  • Significantly reduced and slower hair loss

Women Around The World Love This Serum!

The serum is formulated to help women at any stage of hair loss, with any hair color, and of any hair type. 

Even better - the serum works gently with over 6 natural ingredients (instead of "harsh chemicals" in other hair growth products) to stimulate hair follicles, and promote thicker and fuller hair growth.

While the serum can help at any stage of hair loss its best to address the problem as soon as you can!

Grow Thicker and Fuller Hair Fast

The Serum is designed to promote thicker and fuller hair growth through specifically formulated natural compounds and ingredients.

The natural compounds in the treatment serum,¬†AnaGain‚ĄĘ¬†and¬†Baicapil‚ĄĘ, have shown to be able to:

  • Visibly increase hair density up to 59.3%¬Ļ
  • Reduce hair loss by up to 60.6%¬†¬Ļ
  • Stimulate hair growth at root¬≤
  • Prolong the life cycle of hair¬≤
  • Fully restore the vitality of the hair¬≤

While results may vary from user to user, it is uncommon not to see visible results within 3 months of regular use. 

How Does It Work?

Quick and Easy To Use, Smells Great, And Won't Leave Your Hair Feeling "Icky" 

The Hair Growth Serum is easy to use, smells great, and won’t leave your hair feeling overly oily, sticky, or gummy.

After receiving your product, you can start using it immediately with a simple 3-step process. 

We recommend using the product twice a day. Once in the morning before you start your day and once in the evening before going to bed. 

Here are the exact steps to using the product:

Step 1.     Fill the dropper with serum from the bottle and apply 1-3 drops to each area of your hair and scalp you’d like to improve hair growth or help reduce hair loss 

Step 2.¬†¬†¬† ¬†Massage the serum gently into your scalp with your fingertips so that the Serum can ‚Äúsoak‚ÄĚ in and work in the best possible way¬†

Step 3.     Do not rinse the serum. Leave the serum in your hair until your next application. The serum works best when it has time to stimulate, rejuvenate and repair hair follicles. 

Finally, repeat these 3 steps twice a day for best results!

Ingredients : 

Pisum Sativum (Pea Sprout Extract)

Pea Sprout extract has shown in clinical studies to increase level of hair density.  It is designed to reduce hair loss by inducing dermal papilla cells to reactivate hair growth.  


Biotin benefits your hair by rebuilding hair shingles that have been damaged from over-shampooing, exposure to the sun, blow-drying and ironing. Studies consistently show evidence of clinical improvement. Deficiency can result in alopecia.  

 D-Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5)

Vitamin B5 supports the adrenal glands, which helps stimulate hair growth. 

Glycine Soja (Soybean Oil)

The oil accumulated from the seeds of soya can be used as hair oil that helps add strength and nutrition to the scalp, thus giving birth to new hair growth successfully.

Triticum Vulgare (Wheat Sprouts)

Visibly increases hair quantity and quality by increasing cell proliferation and enhancing metabolic activity of the cells.

Scutellaria Baicalensis (Chinese Skullcap)

Activates stem cells and protects and restores oxidate damage contributing to hair thickening and regrowth.


 Arginine HCL

Slows hair loss by increases the level of nitric oxide in the body  

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